Lance Armstrong’s failing memory

Lance Armstrong has a new commercial out for pharmaceutical powerhouse Bristol-Myers Squibb. In it, he carries on a one-sided conversation with cancer.

lance-armstrong-kiss.jpgRemember me, cancer? You gave me less than a 50-50 chance to live. You made me suffer – my mom, too. But you made me smarter and more determined and a believer in miracles. Remember me cancer? You made me what I am today.

Howie and I both had the same reaction to that last sentence: “Yeah, a jerk”.

The ad would have been better if he hadn’t suffered from selective memory, if he’d given his ex-wife Kristin Richard a mention when he talked about who suffered. She stuck with him through his fight with cancer. Anyone who’s been a caregiver to the critically ill knows that Kristin suffered, too.

After all that, he left her. That he hooked up with singer Cheryl Crow is incidental. It’s just his blatant omission of Kristin’s faithfulness that bothers us.

This entry’s for you, Kristin. If the ad execs and Lance won’t acknowledge you, I will.

3 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong’s failing memory

  1. Yeah, I saw that one too, The real kicker is that he broke up with Cheryl Crow not too long before she announced she had breast cancer.

  2. I’ve been a Lance fan for quite some time. A fan of what he can do on a bike and what he can do for cancer patients and furthering research to cure cancers….However, having said all that, I completely acknowledge his complete selfishness and inability to maintain faithfulness in relationships. Being an only child and having been catered to all of his life in a symbiotic relationship with his mother and then by Kristin (admitted by Kristin on TV) and then rock-star Crow, is only amplifying his selfishness and inability to be emotionally real. Yep…he’s a jerk.

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