KYRU here we come!

We are on our way to Kentucky, even as I speak. We’ve not made it to the last two years’ Kentucky Round-ups, and we are very excited to be seeing our friends from DG.

Wow, that hyperlink was a pain. There is no spellcheck installed in Pocket IE and it is too much of a pain to do all those HTML tags, so I will edit these on-the-road entries later.

How am I enjoying internet access? Thanks to the good folks at, I learned a way to have unlimited web access using my Dash and still only pay the $5.99/mo. data fee at T-Mobile (not the $29.99 T-Mobile web package). I had been paying $4.99/mo. for unlimited text and multimedia messages, so it made sense to switch to the data plan for only a buck more.

So, as long as T-Mobile has a good signal, I can get online. I plan to zap pictures to my Flickr account and here.

My ears feel better, so the antibiotic must be doing its job. Night time, with its inherant stuffy-headedness, is still a little ouchie because the eustachean (sp?) tubes are still blocked, but not bad. I am thankful!

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