Kroger’s Idea of Savings

I am a card carrying member of the Kroger savings clan. It’s not because their prices are really great, or even that I enjoy Krogering, no.

It’s because if I don’t hand the cashier my Kroger Plus card to swipe through the reader, I am guaranteed to pay outrageous prices on whatever I buy. It’s extortion.

A case in point – Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue. Have you EVER paid $9.99 for 24 single rolls of this brand? Have you ever seen a store sell it for this, aside from Kroger or maybe some blackmarket store in Russia? I mean, this isn’t Charmin we’re talking about – and even Charmin wouldn’t cost that much.

Oh, but wait…I see now! As a loyal Kroger customer, I saved $6.00 by using my card, thus paying only $3.99 for the butt wipe. Whew! It was savings like that and scores of others on things like light bulbs and 1/2 gallons of milk which added up to my net savings of $21.49 at the store.

And they even have their associates circle it in red so we’re sure not to miss our savings.

I really hate those fake savings gimicks. Stores like Festival Foods appeal to me far more, because they don’t make you use a loyalty card in order to pay what you would anywhere else on the planet. And like Kroger, they’re open all night, at least where we live.

If you want a real eye-opener about how these loyalty card things work, go to and browse through the articles. It’s enough to make your blood boil.

Most of the time, we like shopping for our staples and canned goods at Aldi’s — a no-coupons, no-frills, bag-your-own discount grocer.

And when I learned that my own doctor shopped there, I knew she was a-okay. “Oh, yes, I shop there, too! Why should I pay three times as much for canned vegetables?”

Why, indeed?

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One thought on “Kroger’s Idea of Savings

  1. Call the local TV station and see if there’s a consumer affairs reporter willing to do a story on this. Provide your receipts and all other documentation you have.

    Bet you find that Kroger’s changes their prices and has to issue special deals to make up for gouging their customers.

    Try it. You like it.

    It happened here in San Diego with two big stores.

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