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Kraft Foods announced recently that it is jumping on the health bandwagon: Kraft Launches Initiative to Fight Obesity. Discussion of that announcement, plus the general subject of high-fat diets in America are in this CNN transcript.

What it reminded me of is their recent commercials for a new line of larger-serving-size Easy Mac microwaveable macaroni and cheese. The one in particular shows a teenage boy running into the kitchen in response to the microwave beep and smacking his head into the kitchen light (he’s gotten taller, you see, and is a growing boy in need of more food).

So my question is, do teens really need more mac-n-cheese than what they were given before? I think it’s ironic, considering these new health-based “initiatives”.

Bill Maher was just on Leno tonight and mentioned how our country has all these drugs and treatments for acid reflux and heartburn, when the real problem is the FOOD we eat. Like he said, “The call’s coming from inside the house!” If we’d eat less high-fat foods, we’d all feel a heck of a lot better.

But it’s just easier to indulge our biggie-super-gargantuan-mega-sized appetites and to demand our doctors prescribe the Purple Pill. It’s all just bass ackwards, folks. I am an admitted junk food junkie, working daily to make permanent changes in my eating habits, so I’m pointing at myself as well.

I’ll leave you with a great quote I just read tonight:

“We as women are trained to see ourselves as cheap imitations of fashion photographs, rather than seeing fashion photographs as cheap imitations of women.” — Naomi Wolf

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  1. as a whole, this nation is so far from the truth that it’s gross! as if kraft can enforce my eating decisions. their intiative is one of the stupidest yet. (pardon my rant)

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