Kitty sweatshops

What I discovered today makes me feel sick to my stomach. I know the textile and garment industries are often unscrupulous at best, but this just takes the cake.

I’m talking about kitty sweatshops. In nondescript block buildings all around third-world countries, cats are forced to work long hours for a pittance. And instead of doing what comes naturally (mousing comes to mind, or serving as living sculptures), they’re forced to do embroidery. Embroidery!


The long-haired cats suffere the most as their fur is pulled into the fabric they’re stitching. when this happens, they are forced to unravel their work in order to free their fluffy little tails, plus they’re docked the time it takes them to do this.

At least if they were forced to mouse the premises, they’d end up with food in their furry little bellies at the end of the day. But no, we americans want cat embroidered clothing from Blair, so that’s what these little kitties do…It’s just heartless. 🙁

What? Oh! They’re just shirts with cats embroidered on them? Oh, well that’s different! Whew.

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3 thoughts on “Kitty sweatshops

  1. ha ha. that was funny. I thought, surely you don’t think they’ve trained these cats to run sewing machines do you?

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