Kitchen klatch

We’re almost underway with it now! As with the roofing and replacement windows, I have a journal entry at Dave’s Garden for photos and notes, and have the before’s loaded. I’ll add more to it as we go.

Our contractor is the same fella who did the basement renovation for us in 2003 (the Mother-in-Law suite for Howie’s mom). He can’t do the work until the end of October, but we’re trying to get all our ducks in a row ahead of time. We got great deals on a floor models of a Maytag dishwasher and a Whirlpool Gold over-the-range microwave. Our fridge and range are newer, so we’re not replacing them.

A local homeowner bought our Geneva metal cabinets and original countertop, and he’ll be here Thursday to remove them. That’ll open up the kitchen for us to get most of the painting done before the new cabinets are put in. We decided on Kitchen Kompact cabinets in their Mellowood maple style. They’ll be delivered on Friday, where they’ll sit in the living room along with the new dishwasher and microwave (both floor models and bargains!). We’re ordering a laminate countertop in a dark grey and black granite pattern; so far we like Formica’s Noir Envision pattern.

We learned that the small lumber yards like Carter Lumber (which deals mainly with contractors) are often a lot more reasonable than huge stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot; they don’t have the enormous overhead that the mega stores do. Score one for the little guys!

We were going to do the walls in a pale sage or grey-green color, but after doing some photo painting on Kitchen Kompact’s stock photo, we decided that a deep cranberry color would be really neat with the maple cabinets.

A local discount chain, Value City, has two varieties of Pergo glueless laminate plank flooring for $34.95 a box. It’s the same flooring Lowe’s carries for $59.27/box! At Pergo’s website, we did a mock-up of a kitchen with maple cabinets, deep red walls and this cherry flooring…Looks pretty neat, and we sure can’t beat that price. I think all we need is the transitional pieces for the kitchen doorway.

It’s going over a very smooth sheet linoleum floor, so perhaps we’ll just need a thin underlayment? We’re newbies at installing anything like this, but it’s supposed to be pretty easy.

That’s it in a nutshell. We’re so excited to be able to do our kitchen, finally!

3 thoughts on “Kitchen klatch

  1. I am so glad that you guys sold the cabinets. I’m sure that’s a load off of your minds. The pictures are great. Cranberry will look very pretty along side your living room.

    Does the wood floor have to be nailed down? I want the natural looking planks also but we have a concrete floor under our carpet. I think that may make things harder for us to do alone.

  2. We put the pergo flooring into a bathroom a few years back. We did it ourselves and it looked great! The only underlayment you need should be a thin sheet of insulating foam type stuff. You may also want to add baseboard trim to finish it off and disguise any uneven gaps since most walls are not perfect. We used quarter round stained to match the cabinets but any type will do.

    Your color scheme is great!

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