Kirby stinks

I wish the very young, blond lady who came to my door pushing a Kirby vacuum demonstration today would see this entry.

I saw her approach the house, but I was busy in the kitchen and had chopped onion all over my hands. I could tell she was a solicitor by the packet of information she held in her hand. I tried to ignore her, hoping she’d go on her way. She kept knocking even when I didn’t come to the door. The dogs were barking, so I finally answered.

My hair was a fright and I had on my jammies and bathrobe. I told her I was home sick. She said, “oh, home sick today?” and handed me a card saying I’d get free gas or something for having a demo. Get a clue. Part of me wishes I’d sneezed on her. 😉

I told her I wasn’t interested and she replied that I didn’t have to buy anything, just let them clean my floors as a demonstration. Again, I told her “no, thank you”.

She asked me why. I said I disagree with the company’s high-pressure sales practices. She looked perplexed at this. I finished by saying, “You must be new with the company…You’ll learn.”

In hindsight, I wish I’d had a printout from website. Even this 15-year-old kid saw through their scam.

Their machines are terribly overpriced and their sales practices are horrid. Any company that pressures the elderly first to buy the machine at $2499 then persists by lowering prices down to $1600…Oh, don’t even get me started. They’re as bad as EverDry/Ohio State Waterproofing.

Spread the word about disreputable companies! Caveat emptor!

2 thoughts on “Kirby stinks

  1. Did you read the response from the Kirby dealer right under Andrew?s post? He sounded mad! I don?t buy from ANY door-to-door sales people. We have a No Soliciting sign on our door and this helps a lot ? even during election time (They?ll stick their pamphlet in the door and not ring the bell). This whole post reminded me of this past summer. My neighbor had a woman come in and try to sell her a Kirby. When she first arrived, she gave my neighbor a free gift. When the woman found out my neighbor wasn?t going to buy, she asked for her free gift back saying that she would rather someone who bought a machine got it ? they deserved it she said. Talk about nerve!!

  2. Can’t say I’ve ever really understood Direct Marketing & other forms of “desire creation”. Long ago in another life, I tried selling a competitor which I thought did a much better job that Kirby but I just couldn’t get myself to ignore that “NO” that they train you in sales school really means “YES” but the customer doesn’t know it yet. You just have to convince them. Well – they pretty much have convinced me to cancel my subscription to cable, turn of commercial radio and put blinders on so I can’t see the billboards although I don’t think that last one will help. 😉 As far as I can tell “they” are trying to get us to ignore our situation by maxing out our credit cards. or am I missing the point entirely ??? 🙂 Rebuilt Kirby’s do a fine job too if you HAVE to have one :-O I’ve had 1 – don’t still have it. I’m fine with my Dust Devil.

    Keep Fighting the Fight!

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