Ken Onion knives

When form meets function, it’s a beautiful thing. This gorgeous chef’s knife designed by Ken Onion, is an example.

Ken Onion gorgeous chef's knife
Oh, do click the thumbnail to enlarge…
You’ve got to see this thing!

*Whimper* Oh, I am a sucker for good product design as long as it performs well. From the looks of this Shun Ken Onion Chef Knife, it should. Shoot, from the cost of it, it’d darned well better! A $200 chef’s knife, like a sexy and sleek Jaguar XJ, is a pipe dream for this midwestern foodie. But it’s fun to showcase it all the same!

Alton’s Angles by Shun are also on my drool list. They’re not quite so sexy in their curves, but they look like they’d be fabulous to use. They’re also easier on the wallet. I was browsing and see they have an 8″ chef in that line for $130. I think I’d want a 10″, though, just because I’m used to a larger knife (thought, truth be told, I’m not sure if I really need a 10″ chef’s knife). Either way, if Alton uses them, they’ve got to be good, right?

Alton….Alton….Come, sit on the patio and enjoy some Q with us. I promise our dog Emma doesn’t go in search of food molecules until after you’re done, and even then she waits for you to give her permission to sniff for them. 😉

By the way, anyone else enjoy the Feasting on Asphalt mini-series on FoodTV? There’s an in-depth review of it at PopMatters. Howie and I really enjoy Alton’s “anal retentive” attention to food preparation, as writer Bill Gibron calls it, so the shows have proved great fun for us. We’ve recorded them to watch again later. Yes, they passed our new litmus test of Really Good TV: do we burn it to DVD? Yes!

2006JaguarXJ.jpg Ken Onion gorgeous chef's knife alton_angles.gif

…I’m sayin’.

23 thoughts on “Ken Onion knives

  1. Yeah, nice knife, nice car too. My step father used to have a jag but he changed it for a lexus. It goes better but doesn’t look anywhere near as cool. Dr.John sent me.

  2. Wow! I’m no chef, but I’m betting that baby would improve my performance in the kitchen.
    Dr. John sent me.

  3. I agree with your America’s Got Talent singer….WOW. Sent by Dr. John, a guy who randomly selects blogs for his readers to enjoy.

  4. that is some knife…it looks beautiful but i be afraid to have in my kitchen..can you imagine how much damage it can do in wrong hands…glad to see great invention though..Dr. John send me. he has made you his link of the day. enjoy the visits. have a good one.

  5. I think all of my knives together probably didn’t cost me that much, but if I spent that much on a knife, my husband would expect me to cook something on a regular basis to earn it. haha

    Dr. John sent me your way…

  6. Awesome Knife! Expensive also, but I’m sure well worth it. I love the Food Network and Alton’s “Good Eats” is one of my favorite shows. Take care! -Margie (sent via Dr. John)

  7. I love to cook and I love good knives — however I also love my fingers so I think I’ll be avoiding this beauty. As was previously noted, it looks like it could whittle trees into twigs with little effort.

    I love your blog skin. The ambiance left me feeling quite at home — literally — even though our blogs are very different. Pop by mine and you’ll see what I mean.

    Dr. John sent me!

  8. Woah, this is probably most comments I’ve had on any single blog entry without them being from a spammer. LOL! Somebody tell me who Dr. John is and where to find his site!

    The credit for this website’s design, along with my hubby’s site, goes to Mandi at SAINT Technologies – see the link in my sidebar. She’s a terrific designer and great to work with. Hey, maybe if I refer enough clients to her I’ll have the dough to buy this Jaguar of chef knives. 😉 Eh, I’d probably not spring for it, even if I had the money. It sure does look nice, though.

  9. Okay…I finally found it by looking through the referral logs from this afternoon. Thanks to Dr. John at for sending such great people to me. It really made my day to see all those comments. 🙂 I’ve Blogrolled ya, sir. I’ll be visiting each blog represented on the comments, too.

  10. I have been thinking I need to get a good knife for chopping food. The Ginzu is just not doing it for me.

    I forgot, Dr. John sent me.

  11. That knife is just a little too expensive for my tastes. I hope you enjoyed our visists. We are a happy group that visits a new blog every day . Our people earn totally usless JCPOINTs and enter contests for trully usless prizes. You are invited to join us. You already have seven cute JCPOINTS ( we give new people the cutest points) by virtue of your comment on my blog and putting Dr. John in a comment on your blog ( the blog of the day).

  12. Great to see your blog getting some much deserved attention…. and guess what… Dr. John didn’t send me! But I will be visiting his site if he links to interesting places like this.

  13. You’ve been tagged! List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets. Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people. Don’t forget to let the people you tag know by posting a comment on their blog!

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