Keep the government out of YOUR health care

If you’re concerned about the federal government administering your health care, make your voice heard!

What follows is an update about the petition and the issue, sent by Jeanette Nordstrom of the
National Center for Policy Analysis


Friends –

Thanks to your willingness to support the “Free Our Health Care NOW!” petition where over 740,000 Americans have voiced their opposition to nationalized health care and the increased cost, reduced access and lower quality which it threatens to impose on us!

At his press conference Wednesday night, President Obama admitted that the government will be intervening between you and your doctor. Only to prevent “unnecessary” care, he said but it will be the government, not the doctor who decides what’s necessary. This is worrisome!

The nationalized health care plan proposed by President Obama calls for rationed care. Rationed care requires that patients forego medical procedures which fail to meet federal approval. Under nationalized health care, a bureaucrat will have the power to delay or deny care to a patient without regard for the patient’s medical needs or for the physician’s advice.

In Canada and the United Kingdom, both of which have adopted a nationalized health care system, patients’ access to care is far more restricted and wait times are far longer than in the United States. Consider the following wait times:

* Better late… In a recent survey of adults suffering from a chronic condition, 74% of U.S. patients met with a specialist within four weeks of scheduling an appointment. By comparison, only 42% of British patients and just 40% of Canadian patients were able to meet with a specialist in the first four weeks suffering from their condition.

* …than Never? In the same survey, 33% of patients in the United Kingdom and 42% of patients in Canada waited for more than 2 months before meeting with a specialist to address their chronic condition. In the United States, only 10% of patients waited for longer than 2 months before meeting with a specialist.

* Hazardous Delay. Canadian wait times exceed the clinically reasonable wait time for every medical specialty . For neurosurgery, for instance, although the clinically reasonable wait time is 5.8 weeks, the average Canadian wait time exceeds 31 weeks. Orthopedic surgery is even worse. The clinically reasonable wait time is 11 weeks; Canadian patients waiting on orthopedic surgery wait on average almost 37 weeks before they receive treatment.

Rationed care affects all patients. In Canada and the United Kingdom patients have reduced access to health care providers, longer waits for examinations and fewer available treatment options. As it has in Canada and the United Kingdom, nationalized health care in the United States threatens to reduce the quality of care and therefore, the quality of life for all Americans.

What can you do about this?

* Forward the petition to your friends, family and networks!

* Print the petition and collect signatures, send to us.

* Use the Action Pack to access our Learning/Teaching Tools about health care so that you can educate your friends, family and neighbors.

* Attend The Heartland Institutes Health Care Roundtables and meet innovative leaders promoting health care reform.

* Send a copy of the proposed government-run plan to your lists

* Track the progress of the “Free Our Health Care NOW!” petition by going to and clicking the ‘ticker’ link.

* Share the petition through viral networking by clicking on the icon of your preferred social media.

Thank you again for your support of the “Free Our Health Care NOW!” and for fighting against nationalized health care.

Jeanette Nordstrom
National Center for Policy Analysis


“A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.”
~ President Gerald R. Ford
(not Thomas Jefferson)

Make your voice heard!

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