Keep on truckin’

Naked man’s truck also bare of license plates
Claims he was just changing clothes on side of road

NEWARK — A 46-year-old Mount Vernon man was charged with public indecency after two women saw him standing on the side of Ohio 586 naked, according to a Licking County Sheriff’s Department report.

It continues,

According to the report, the women spotted the man at about 1:30 p.m. beside a black Dodge Ram with no license plates. They said he was wearing only shoes and a hat. When he got into his truck and began following them, they called the sheriff’s office. A deputy later pulled the truck over on County Road 668.

The suspect was dressed at the time, and the deputy asked about his missing tags. The suspect said they were in his truck and he took them off to wash them. The deputy then asked if he had been naked on the side of the road earlier. The man admitted he had and reportedly said he was changing his clothes because his truck was too hot. The deputy noted on the report that the outside temperature was in the mid-30s.
The report stated that when officers asked if he often changed on the side of the road, the suspect replied, “Sometimes, not often.”

Inside the truck, the deputy discovered a Playboy magazine and a photo of the man in the nude.

Both women gave a positive identification of the suspect.

The man filled out a police statement and was released after he put his tags back on his truck.

Originally published March 4, 2006
The Advocate, Newark, Ohio

I really don’t know what to say. Mostly, I’m suffering from fits of recurrent giggles. I mean, c’mon.

“Officer, I was just changing my clothes”, he says has he surreptitiously nudges the Playboy into the shadows.

Ummmm, fella, you had your shoes and your hat on. At least Naked Cowboy wears underwear. And he’s probably a darned site cuter.

But I digress. We just don’t get many odd news stories like this in our town. Boy, I shudder to think of the keywordss that will bring people to this blog entry. *snort*

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  1. I hit my fit of giggles over the Licking county part. I mean the guys nekkid in a licking area. Teehee. I wanna know why he bothered to take his tags off the truck too.

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