Katie’s Kornered

I saw the signs in this business’ windows several days ago, and today made a point of going by close enough to get a picture of the signs that had caught my eye. Prior to this, all I’d made out was “We Give Up!!!” and chuckled at that.

After seeing my picture enlarged, however, I’d really like to know the story.

The meter maids around the county courthouse square in my town are lethal. There’s one city employee in particular, a woman with very short grey hair and a face of granite, who I think has ticketed motorists since Model A’s bumped along in muddy ruts here. She’s just all business – you know the type – almost puts one in mind of a military sargent. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile, not even cracking a malicious grin as she tickets a car one second past the 2-hour limit.

If, as the sign says, it’s “Katie’s Korner 0, Meter Maids 30”, it’s a sad situation! I wonder if the proprietor felt like she should be able to just park all day with no recompense, or if she felt she was being targeted maliciously.

The store caught my eye many times as I made my way down from the freeway and toward home. It had Tiffany-style lamps, sculptures, a jukebox, and other fun stuff displayed in its windows. I often thought it looked like a fun store and meant to stop in sometime. Evidently others just kept driving on by and never stopped, for the aggravation of the parking situation downtown was apparently not offset by customer traffic and sales.

Small businesses, especially little gift shops, really struggle to survive. Our downtown is putting on a valiant effort to weather the retail seas, but it’s floundering. I know I’d rather shop online or go to Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Meijer, and others rather than go from one specialty shop after another downtown and pay premium prices for the same things. I do go to the antique and junk shops around town, though, because they offer things the mass-merchandisers don’t. But then again, there’s eBay.

I’ve met people who refuse to go to any mass merchandisers, just as a matter of conscience. I do applaud them for sticking to their guns, but I don’t follow suit. I guess I’m one of the masses the big retailers love: convenience-smitten, bargain-hunting and loving the variety big stores offer me as a consumer.

But it’s a shame about Katie’s Korner, all the same. It’s got to be a real disappointment to have to close so soon after opening up your dream store. I sure would like to know the rest of the story. Gee, I could write about it…A Profile in Courage: Katie vs. The Meter Maids.

2 thoughts on “Katie’s Kornered

  1. so ask her about it. maybe the meter maids nailed one too many of her customers.

    on a side note, you’d rather shop at meijer? you must be insane! (or else i’m just bitter. hmmmmmm.)

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