Kandle LED book light for Amazon Kindle review

Our family pitched in bought my mother-in-law a Kindle 3 with Special Offers for Mother’s Day. This review isn’t about that, though — It’s terrific and deserves its own separate review.

I snagged this little Kandle LED Book Light for the Amazon Kindle at the same time as the Kindle 3 since the Kindle uses an electronic paper display (similar to the Sony Reader, only with much better contrast) rather than a backlit one. I know she’ll appreciate having a little light when reading in a dimly lit area or in bed at night. The package arrived today and I got everything set up for her.

Thanks to the low power consumption and LED diodes, this book light uses button batteries; that makes for a compact product that’s extremely lightweight. I think about how clunky my old Mighty Bright book light is with its four heavy AA batteries and extendable arm housing a flashlight bulb. Compared to the Kandle, that thing’s a behemoth. I like how compact this light is, even when clipped on the Kindle and opened so the arm containing the two LED lights is extended.

The clip mechanism that holds the light to the Kindle is strong, plus it has cushioning on it to improve grip and to protect a Kindle or Sony Reader from scratches. The light also folds into a compact bundle that fits into an included black velveteen carrying bag. Two spare batteries are included as well, along with a mini screwdriver used for accessing the book light’s battery compartment.

I’m really impressed with its design! If you want to be able to read your favorite eBook reader snuggled beneath your covers in the dark, or anywhere there’s not adequate reading light, I think you’ll like this. The sub-$20 pricepoint is a winner, too, and it qualifies for Super Saver Shipping and Amazon Prime since the orders are fulfilled by Amazon. Win!

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