Just a slingin’

We made a mistake when we bought our hammock from Overstock.com last year. It isn’t so much that the hammock was bad for the money, it’s that we bought an inexpensive cotton-rope hammock. It was marvelously comfortable, but the ropes stretched…A lot. We tried various means to make it stretch tighly enough for use on our stand, but it was really not meant to be. The ropes began breaking within one season, rotten from dampness and the sun.

Lesson learned: Buy polyester or nylon hammocks, and make sure our choice won’t be too long for our stand. We want to find another hammock, so I was browsing the selection of hammocks at my beloved Amazon.com since I have a credit there. Some of the product’s pictures were weird enough I just had to share.


Ewwwwwww. Is it just me, or does the guy in this hammock look really (oh, how to put this and be PC) jumbled together? His left arm is tucked up behind his head. So what on earth is that thing protruding in the nylon next to him? It looks like an elbow, but how can this be? It surely can’t be his leg…I dunno, this just kinda gives me the creeps. This is an example of Photoshop gone terribly wrong, and on so many levels. The hammock itself was plunked into a new scenic background, and though the man looks like he was life-flighted in pieces, in reality, he was just put in there by some photo editor. The odd assortment of limbs belong to the hammock’s original occupant(s). I’m sure that photo’s floating around somewhere online.

If you’re all ready to go to a theme party for, say, 1980’s Proms, this one just might be just the one to get you in the mood:


This last one, though, looks just plain uncomfortable. Is it a chair? Is it a torture device? She’s either relaxed or languishing…Hard to tell. At first glance, I thought she was precariously balanced on one butt cheek, but upon closer inspection, I noted she’s actually suspended a couple of millimeters in the air.


Even if she was hanging feet in the air, it just doesn’t look very comfortable. She’s probably just showing off her youthful flexibility. The next thing she did was crawl out of there and stretch out in her 18″ square cube for a rest.

Maybe we’ll just go to Lowe’s.

5 thoughts on “Just a slingin’

  1. Well, at least you noticed the rot before you landed on the ground. I had a macrame hanging table on the patio tith glass rounds for the table itself. I used it to hold some potted plants. When I got home last night the rope had given way on the side exposed to the sun and the glass was in a billion or more pieces all over the place. I learned my lesson the hard way. No more hemp or natural fiber rope hangers!

    My second thought on it (I’ll spare you the first one) was, Oh my God, Thay could have been Kimberly and Howie laying in a shattered heap!

  2. Oh, ouch – yeah, that would hurt. You do know I ended up flat on my butt when the hook holding Lisa’s hammock chair came out of the porch ceiling, right? I sat down and it popped right out! They’d moved it since my last visit there and it evidently wasn’t in a beam anymore. Either that or they were trying to kill me. 😉

  3. **no giggle** I didn’t know about your fun with Lisa’s hammock. That type of situation can be funny so long as no one gets hurt.

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