June 29, 2012 derecho storm in Licking County Ohio

June 29, I headed home after doing a few errands. My husband called to tell me a pretty significant-looking storm system was moving through. I got home just as the skies began to darken. We live in south end of Newark, Ohio. Before long, this is what happened. This was shot looking north toward Heath, Ohio.

We’ve lived in our house since 1999 and this was by far the worst storm we’ve ever seen, including the one in 2008 when the remnants of Hurricane Ike came through Ohio. Here’s my first video of the aftermath, just in our home’s immediate vicinity:

The newspapers report the system as a derecho. Howie and I were unfamiliar with this term until we read about it regarding this storm. The Weather Channel online has good information about the phenomenon.

As of today, July 4, we are still without power in our neighborhood. AEP, Licking Rural Electric and the other area companies have been working around the clock clearing the substantial amount of debris, cutting down trees, and working on lines. The damage is just unreal. I’ll be posting more videos in the next day or two. I’m limited to working at places away from home since we don’t have service.

One resource that’s been a lifeline for me is Licking County Scannerheads. The Facebook group is very active, and members post helpful information there 24/7. When our T-Mobile service was down (four days – hello!) except for sporadic availability of SMS, it meant the world to be able to drive into a neighboring city who had power and get online to see what was happening locally, at neighborhood levels.

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