Jessica Sanchez: Wow!

Howie and I are not watchers of American Idol or many other music-oriented reality TV shows. We did, however, come in on NBC’s America’s Got Talent from the beginning. The acts have ranged from bizarre to breathtaking. One of the best so far is an eleven-year-old singer who belts it out like no kid I’ve ever heard. Shoot, she’s better than a lot of the adult artists out there. See for yourself:

I mean, dayum. Jessica, if you Google your name and find this blog by some odd chance, drop me a note. You are just too, too good. I wish you all the best, girl!

We’re also very impressed David & Dania and the clogging/tap group, All That.

2 thoughts on “Jessica Sanchez: Wow!

  1. WoW-
    What a voice! She is Adorable!
    Thanx 2 dr.jon and his links 4 the day- So much cool stuff on-line…
    ….so little time!

  2. Hi, this is Jessica’s mom, I just want to say that Jessica is amazed by the many people who enjoyed her performance on America’s Got Talent. She really loves to sing and hopefully this is not the last time you will see her. She doesn’t have a website, but if you want to hear more she has a site on myspace,
    Thank you again!

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