Jeff Bridges, bridging the gap between actor and photographer

I didn’t know Jeff Bridges is a shutterbug. What’s more, he’s good! I learned about this from Phil Coomes’ BBC The Viewfinder blog.

Bridges shoots with a Widelux camera, interesting in itself; the camera does extreme wide-angle, panoramic shots. I wonder if that’s the kind of camera the photographer used who did the group picture of my 8th grade trip to Washington DC.

The camera rotated to get in the group standing before the White House. One teacher, standing on the far left, waited until the camera panned past him, then ducked and ran over to the other side of the group; consequently, he shows up on both ends of the group! I wish I could find that photo.
But enough nostalgia. Back to Jeff.

515M699S2QL._SL160_His series Making Iron Man includes a lot of cool shots showing how costumes were made and how models and effects were done in the movie Iron Man.

He also documented the making of the film The Amateurs in the series Making The Amateurs (alternately titled The Moguls in the UK release).

He published a book, too, called  Pictures by Jeff Bridges

I really enjoy black and white photography, plus it’s interesting to see behind-the-scenes views of movie productions.

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