James Lileks is my hero

I’m a long time of James Lileks. His website, Lileks.com, is a treasure trove of vintage ephemera and commentaries about said images. He always makes me laugh, even when I’ve read the material before.

I was reminded of his site this week and visited. There’s a lot of new content since my last visit! Furthermore, I see he’s had several books published. Oh, the joy! Now, if my power goes out, I can still read his wit and squirm at the images of regrettable foods and jacked-up parenting advice!

Seriously, it would be great to have some of Lilek’s wit in a more portable form. Books — remember those? 😉

2 thoughts on “James Lileks is my hero

  1. Durned things are hard to carry & boy are they heavy. I bet the one I was reading this morning weighed twice as much as my MP3 player …. And it couldn’t even read itself to me while I was driving to work this morning. So I had to leave it behind. 🙁 Lunchtime, and I miss it so 😉

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