I will try to get Monday Mission done today, for it is chock full of fun questions, but right now I am about ready to retreat to bed with a pillow over my head. The Everdry crew is here and they are jackhammering right beneath the office where I sit. This is the sound, as actually recorded by yours truly. Just magnify that sound by about 50-fold and you’ll get an idea.

This jackhammer has a vacuum running with it, but the crew leader advised us to put damp cloths over the heater vents, for the other dust from the chipper. but as the cloths dried, they began flapping. Now there’s a stinky dust in the house, dang it. I’ve turned the furnace off, despite it only being about 30 degrees out (with a windchill more like 18). I hate to think about what we’re inhaling here…cement dust and mold spores. Yuck!!! Please pray.

The Everdry salesman, Kevin, told us they’d put in the EZ-Breathe system about a week before the basement work was begun, so it would be pulling the mold and such out as they worked. Well, somewhere there was miscommunication, because the EZ-Breathe guy isn’t coming out until this afternoon. That isn’t helping with this foul-smelling dust.

While we were still negotiating, I half-jokingly said “if you’ll have Merry Maids come in to clean afterwards, I’ll sign”. Kevin said they’d be willing to do that. I don’ think we have that particular sales-dance promise in writing (I’ll have to check on that), but I am going to push for it, or at least a discount so we can have a maid service come in and clean. This is foul.

On the plus side, they’re going to break apart and remove the big old cement sink from the basement. They also anticipate it being a 2-day job. At least we won’t have jackhammers going for three or four days. That’s a plus, right??

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