I’ve Heard of Spring Chickens, but…

This was in this week’s local Jamboree Foods grocery ad.

City chicken? Not just city chicken, but “all pork” city chicken?? I don’t know what to say (but that won’t stop me from talking).

  • Is it city pollutants which transmogrifies chickens into pork cells?
  • Do city roosters stir at dawn to issue a raucous “cock-a-doodle-rweeee-rweeee!”?
  • Are there “all pork” chickens in other locales?
  • If so, exactly how far out in the suburbs are they still indigenous species?
  • Do they have two feet, or four? Do they have wings? Do they cluck or grunt?
  • Do piglets hatch out of their eggs?

    I’m just pretty disturbed by the thought…

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