It’s ironic, babies

In the corner of the small cemetery at Denison University is a granite marker that simply reads: “Unknown Infants.” The remains of 23 fetuses buried there show how both technology and philosophy have changed medical education. The fetuses had been preserved in Formaldehyde and were used in teaching human anatomy and development. Today, detailed computer models and other tools have taken their place. Other universities have used human specimens in the past. Professors say they stressed that they should be treated with respect. For the same reason, disposing of the specimens presents a dilemma. The Denison specimens were found in a locked cabinet during a cleanup in fall of 2000. While cremation is acceptable, officials at the central Ohio school opted also for a small funeral.

This was in WCLT news department’s newsletter for Monday, April 14. How ironic that these infants/fetuses/babies are treated with such respect while it’s common practice to abort babies the same age or even older with no respect (or funeral) whatsoever. I’m not posting this for an argument, but rather to give you something to mull over. Laws and attitudes vary so widely depending on circumstances, you know? Should they? I guess that’s a moot point, really, because they do.

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