It’s fun to play at the YMCA

Well, I did it! At times I was gasping for breath, heart thudding in my chest, but I did it.


We met our friend Amy at the YMCA at the crack o’ 10:30am and swam, then rode the recumbant exercise bicycles. The YMCA has both a heated pool and a regular one, but the regular one felt really good – not chilly at all. Howie and I switched to the heated one when it opened, but I found it too warm. Turns out he did, too, even though it felt good on his back.

I am amazed by Howie’s stamina in exercising…I was only able to swim the length of the pool and back three times. That was with me stopping at each end to rest my legs and catch my breath. I am one seriously out of shape woman. My hubby swam the length of the pool probably 15 times – he was in there an hour and swam non-stop. How did he do that?? Still, it’s not a contest. Okay, it is…But just between me, myself and I.

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with a trainer who will show me how to use the various machines and help me develop a fitness plan based on my needs; I have to be careful with my left knee still, but there are a lot of exercises I still can do until it’s better.

It felt so good to move today, even if I am a little sore tonight. I want to work up to things, starting slow. Swimming may be my main exercise for a few months – that’s what Howie’s doing, too. And ibuprofen is my friend.

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5 thoughts on “It’s fun to play at the YMCA

  1. The world just loves a smart a$$. I told him that he’d be really sore if he rode a horse, that it uses a whole different set of muscles and rubs you in ways you’ve never been rubbed before (and not in a good way, either!). He says he just naturally has more stamina than me, and that he would not be affected like that. That’s the story behind his horse comment (with us, there’s almost always a story). He’s a real poop, I’ll tell ya.

  2. Too funny! Gratz on *doing* it! You’ll build up stamina as you go – don’t worry about it too much. It’s the men that need the stamina away *humph!* LOL

  3. LOL! Funny! Don’t worry. Take ur time.. Wish I lives close to you, I would love to go with you.. We have one here but it’s in bad area.. Ricky wont let me go there. I will find place that is for only women!

  4. Thanks, Ladies! Tricia, I wish you were here, too…I couldn’t take your Louisiana humidity, so you’d have to be HERE. I prefer to step into a steam room for 5 minutes and then jump in the cool pool (at least that’s my plan – gotta check out all amenities at the Y, don’t ya know).

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