It’s April? No Fooling?

“April, Comes like an idiot,
babbling, and strewing flowers.”

Edna St. Vincent Millay,
American poet

These were taken in April 2002, but we’re not too far from looking this way this spring:

Sheer joy of running
Our crabapple spot
Azalea buds

We did so much in the basement yesterday. My brother-in-law came by and helped, and between the three of us working, we got all the stuff we’re keeping up on some shelves Howie built. We also have the remainder of the stuff sorted into two piles in the front of our garage: Goodwill and Garbage. By the time mid-April comes around, we’ll have a clean slate for the contractor to start working.

Since we got everything in the basement done, Howie said he’ll help me work in the yard this Satuday. I got a little bit of the winter die-back cleared from the front perennial beds Saturday, but I’m behind in my pruning. It will be so good to get everything cleared away so all the new growth has room to grow. There’s so much coming up, and it’s so welcome to see after this harsh, bitter winter.

I wish we didn’t perpetually run in catch-up mode. The clean-up outside would be easier if we weren’t also having to clear last fall’s leaves! The Messies Manual book I just finished reading has helped me see things in new ways and has me feeling more empowered to change some of my habits; it’s really my hope to have a better handle on routine maintenance of the house and the yard by this fall.

After getting so much done this weekend, I feel pumped. I actually feel like change is possible!

Added: Silly me, I had it in my mind that Monday was April 1. So, April came a day early in my blogworld. Whoops!

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