It’s all about survival

Despite the knowledge that I had a 9:30am doctor’s appointment, I could not will myself to sleep early. Though in bed by 1:00am, I stayed awake reading until almost 4:00am (Sole Survivor, by Dean Koontz). *yawn*

Speaking of Survivors, wow, what a finale!! If our votes have anything to do with it, Rupert will get the extra million dollars.

And me? I am surviving just fine, thank you. I appreciate all ther kind comments and e-mails from everyone!

Today, my doctor fixed me up with a thumb spica; they stopped carrying such equipment, but still had a leftover one which my wrist brace fits over. Coincidence? Heck no. reserved for me by a loving God who cares about the details in our lives. 🙂

My thumb and wrist are truly immobilized now, as it should have been all along. My homemade version just didn’t do what was needed.

I’m not to use my hand much at all until June 1, and then see how it is. If no better, X-rays and go from there. She upped the Bextra from 10mg to 20mg a day and said to ice my wrist at night before I go to bed. There may be arthritis in my thumb or it could be tendonitis; she said she’d treat the same for these weeks either way so there was no point in getting an x-ray yet. There are two other joints in my hand effected, possibly CTS.

Well, that’s the scoop. I am getting better at one handed typing, but my poor signature was pretty much illegible today, LOL. Me, the one whom employers always commented to for such clear penmanship! Thank God for computers! Thank God the sling from my friend arrived today! And thank God for books!

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