It’s a short bus kind of day

It’s still icy around here, so Howie hasn’t been walking to work. I dropped him off at his office about a quarter after nine and headed into work. I knew it was cutting things close for me to get there by ten. Even keeping to the speed limit, I made it with a few minutes to spare.

Just as I pulled in, I had an epiphany: I was two hours early! Yes, for some reason I thought I worked 10-6 today, not 12-6. As soon as I parked the van, I called Howie, laughing. He said he thought I’d told him I didn’t work until noon, but he just figured something had changed. Nope!

When I walked into the store, my boss and coworkers laughed. Yep, it was heck of a way to start the workday! Still, I’d rather be two hour early than be in my jammies and snuggled up in the recliner only to receive a call from work because they wonder where I am. Been there, too. Once. I had my days off mixed up. Thankfully, I am a good employee and have an understanding boss! She pretty much dismissed my airhead moment by calling me her favorite nickname, short bus. 😉

So, how have I decide to spend my free two hours? For a while, I chatted with two of my favorite customers, Keith and Roy the Sudoku guys. Then I grabbed a steaming mug of Guatamalan coffee (no broken handle!) and snagged one of the leather comfy chairs.

My next course of action is pretty obvious, I think. What’s a geeky girl with a G1 and PostBot to do but blog a little about her silly mistake?


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2 thoughts on “It’s a short bus kind of day

  1. As badly as my feet hurt Monday, I wasn’t in any hurry to work two extra hours today. I bought some Shoes for Crews non-slip shoes for work, but they just don’t have the cushion I need. I’m glad they have a 60-day return policy!

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