It’s a major award

What a surprise it was to get a package from UPS today. No, it wasn’t a leg lamp, but something even better. “Even better than a leg lamp?!”, you say, “Impossible!”.

It was an advance reading copy of the new Dean Koontz novel, Life Expectancy, courtesy of Random House! About a month ago, I’d answered some trivia questions at the publisher’s website and mine was one of the randomly-chosen entries. Though still voiceless and feeling yucky from this virus, I now do have something really good to read when I snuggle under the covers. Hitler’s Niece, by Ron Hansen, is the selection I’m reading right now, and I guess I’ll finish it before treating myself to the new book. Best yet, I don’t have to worry about reading it before I accumulate library fines.

4 thoughts on “It’s a major award

  1. NO LEG LAMP? How can you plan to redecorate the Livingroom with out one? Maybe Santa will be kind and bring it to you. ;~P

    Great reading lies in store for tha gal who can relax without pressure to return the book in a timely manner. Enjoy!

  2. I’m sorry–but the only thing better than a leg lamp is a red ryder BB gun. Now i will have to wash your mouth out with soap and you will go blind
    too bad. so sad.

    Tell you what–i’ll trade my virus for yours. I would much rather be silent then in the bathroom every 5-10
    and i am tired of saltines and broth

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