Item: my home improvements wish list

I think a chair lift would be pretty cool. I never thought about one much until I saw this one, but it has me convinced. This would help both my MIL and, eventually, us. Not only that, it would be a real pick-me-up on those more sluggish days! What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Item: my home improvements wish list

  1. 🙂 too slow – get an elevator. Then you can have romantic interludes in it sometimes just for a change of scenery – without ever leaving the house.

  2. Definitely a tongue-in-cheek entry (though the possibilities involving an elevator are mind-boggling).

    If you all knew the situation of our basement steps and the close-quarters of our house, you’d know just how funny it is that I’d even suggest we’d get a chair lift. We’re in a teeny little house, LOL!

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