Is upgrading MT worth it?

I’m using Movable Type v. 2.64 right now. Is it worth upgrading to v. 2.661?

MT bloggers, what’s your experience been with it? What is different and sexy about the new version? I see they’re also asking for volunteers to alpha test v. 3 right now. I’m not so sure I’m up for that – better wait and beta test it when it’s been through the mill at least one time.

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2 thoughts on “Is upgrading MT worth it?

  1. From what I can tell the difference is mainly in protection from comment spammers. We did the upgrade at the old site, but you never know when something might accidentally get lost.

    If you do upgrade, make sure to back things up.

  2. I still haven’t figured out all things mt as is… I can’t imagine changing to a new version… I like MT, and I know when I get it really going I will enjoy it more. It seems to me Blogger offered many more options for templates and design, I just have to figure it out… Right now my blog looks generic. Ick…

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