Is there anything you CAN’T get on eBay?

My mom and I just went together for 2 pounds of barley straw on eBay. Including shipping, we’re paying just under $11. Considering the local garden centers sell tiny amounts of barley straw wrapped around flotation corks at 2/$6, this is a bargain. Boy, if I had a place to grow barley straw, I’d grow it and sell it, too!

In case you’re wondering why we even want barley straw, let me tell you. Barley straw is effective in keeping algae from forming in ponds. Mom and I both have small ornamental ponds, so it made sense to just go in on some straw together.

Howie and I worked around our pond area today, weeding and transplanting more perennials. It is looking so nice back there now. There is so much coming into bloom right now. We saw our first hummingbird today, too. 🙂

We also moved our two goldfish from their tank out to the pond; the water temperature was almost identical and they seem pretty happy out there with all that space. The 55gal tank inside we’re going to keep for tropical fish. We might like to get cichlids, but we’re not sure just yet. It needs the algae cleaned from its sides before we do anything, though. That’s another day!

Oh, I forgot to mention, we’ve seen no further trespassing from the peeing destructo-boys. Maybe their fence-loving mom decided to hobble them after all.

2 thoughts on “Is there anything you CAN’T get on eBay?

  1. It is amazing what you can get on ebay! I haven’t been disappointed yet!

    As for that 55 gallon tank – it sounds like it will be very pretty with tropical fish. It’s very soothing watching fish.

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