Into the Woods

We spent the afternoon at the hilltop home of one of Howie’s coworkers today. She owns 13 acres and she built her cedar home up at the top of the property. The property’s marvelous, full of old trees and all that wonderful understory of undisturbed woods. Her house is really cool, too, and decorated just as Howie and I would decorate. I told her, she would be the easiest person in the world for me to shop for since all I’d have to do is pick out things I liked.

This get-together was the second in a series the gardening folk at Howie’s job decided to do; we’ve been having a potluck at each person’s home every month or two, making the rounds. It’s so cool to just kick back and visit, and to tour the different homes and yards. We had two types of chili today, along with a really nice, beefy veggie soup, jalepeno cornbread, rosemary bread, and all manner of toppings on homemade vanilla ice cream. *burp*

I got a chance to see more of the surrounding woods when Teresa took a couple of us to see her favorite tree on the property, a huge old oak that grew into three trunks. What an awesome tree that is! I also found, by seeing some growing on her property, that the wee little sapling I have growing at the foot of our sycamore is a cedar. I think I’ll let it grow. 🙂

P.S. Why is there so much space between this last line and my row of thumbnails? Can anyone help me out here?


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