Incredible edible egg

Simple as it sounds to some, for years I struggled with boiling eggs and having them peel nice and clean for me. Once again, the folks at Dave’s Garden came to the rescue, this time in the recipes forum. Here’s a synopsis of what I learned in the thread, Blasted hard boiled eggs* (are you feelin’ the vibe? I was!):

Perfect peeled eggs:

1. Allow eggs to warm to room temp
2. Put water in the pan, then the eggs
3. Bring to full boil, then set timer for 10 minutes
4. Pour out water they’re in and run cold water on them
5. Put them in a bowl of ice water for an hour
6. Peel those babies and enjoy ’em!

Boiled eggs are an excellent, high-protein food to have on hand for mornings when you’re running late, but need breakfast. Truly, nothing will stick with you better than eggs for breakfast. Oatmeal and cereal are great tasting, but they just give you a flash of carbohydrate-borne energy, then you’re left with a grumbling belly. Eggs are better fuel, and in moderation there’s nothing wrong with enjoying them.

Another cook’s take on the art of boiling eggs can be found at — I’ve seen this method, too. I just know that the poster at DG said that doing it this way, 11 out of 12 eggs peeled flawlessly for her.

Either way, why not try and boil some eggs today? Unless you’re chicken…

* Unless you’re a subscriber to Dave’s Garden, you’ll only be able to see the first post in that thread. A subscription’s a pittance – just $15/year – and there are forums for everything under the sun. Dave started the site just for gardening, but there are all kinds of other forums now. Many, such as the new Home Talk forums, are free to all members, not just subscribers. I bet once you see how friendly and helpful everyone is, you’ll want to subscribe.

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