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Yesterday marked an important moment in our household, a yearly rite. There’s no set date for this annual occurrence, no set “second Saturday in November” kind of thing. Planets don’t have to align, meteors don’t have to fall blazing from the sky. How, then is it determined? I’ll tell you: it depends on one person. One man.

Mr. Christmas. That’s right, once Howie gets in the Christmas spirit, there’s no stopping him.

By the time I pried my eyes open around 10:30am (man, those flannel sheets feel good on a cool morning), he’d been up on the roof hanging colorful C9 holiday lights and icicles along the roofline of our house. He picked up a two-pack of spiral trees, too. Down one side of our property, Howie lined up shepherd hooks and swagged transparent C7 lights on them. For those, bought several single-color strands of blue and green lights, then swapped bulbs so each strand has alternating blue and green bulbs. He used the same alternating colors along the other side of our property, down our veggie garden by the driveway.

He also has lights strung on short plastic light stakes along our veggie bed and the walkway leading to our front porch. Boy, those little stakes are sure handy! I reckon we should warn the mailman about the string of lights along the walkway. I hope he isn’t looking down at a handful of mail as he ascends the hill to our front porch.

Can you tell we love decorating for Christmas? Okay, I’ll tell the truth: I love how it looks once it’s done, but I balk at the process every year. Howie is Mr. Christmas. He assembles our tree and gets the lights on it, then I put the ornaments on it. We play Christmas music and recall happy memories as certain ornaments are put up. Some that we thought were kind of tacky now have special meaning because of who and what they represent in our lives.

It’s not time for the tree yet, so back to the outside stuff…

Best yet, we picked up a free nativity decoration from someone on our local Freecycle list. It’s made of plywood and painted black; there are raised cutouts on it. It’s designed to have a light showing through it from behind, making a silhouette of the scene. I’m impressed by its design; it took some thought, you can tell. I can’t wait to see it lit up at night.

Gotta say, it looks strange to see the lights all strung while there are colorful leaves on the trees. But, hey, if you do them while it’s still relatively warm out, you don’t have to fumble around with frozen fingers, right?

icicle_lights howie_lights02 swagged_lights nativity04 fall_lights

There are more photos in my Christmas 2007 set at Flickr. I did a short video of Howie before heading back into the house, too.

When do you usually put up your Christmas decorations? Do you, like we sometimes do, end up having a “Happy Thanksmas”?

2 thoughts on “In the mood

  1. We do our lights and tree on the same day – the day after Thanksgiving. Kevin sets up the tree and puts the lights on, then he goes outside to work on the outside lights while I am inside. It is a major project which takes all day. We have way too much stuff!
    I helped my mom with her Christmas stuff this past Friday. I think it’s nice to enjoy the Christmas tree while eating turkey 🙂

  2. Having met Howie when his back was about at it’s worst it’s amazing to see him getting up and down so effortlessly!
    The light show will I know be spectacular.
    Robbyn started decorating last week too.
    It’s about a 3 week process… but we think well worth it.

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