I’m back!

Let’s hear it for my terrific, tenacious, and totally transcendent webhost, Tom!

His site is not yet coming up, but it will before long – please drop by, and if you write, do tell him I sent you.

The last two weeks have been an exercise in skill, patience and faith – for us, yes, but even moreso for Tom and his crew. It looks like things are back on track for GW and The H-Man, and we’re all rejoicing.

I think the server problems he’s had echo life. Things have gone smoothly since he’s hosted my site. But then…BAM! Something totally unexpected and nasty: a hack. Here’s where real life kicks in.

What shows a person’s character more than anything is his reaction to adversity. It’s like anything — what stuff is a person made of? How good is a company not when everything’s great, but when when you have a problem? That’s what we all want to know, right?

How do you react in crisis? How do I? Not-so-good, myself, many times.

I have to tell you that I am impressed how he handled things when everything was blown out of the water. Yes, sites have been down and service has been interrupted – for a relatively long time, too, in Internet Time. But it’s not been for lack of trying, and he’s bent over backwards to make it up to us. That means something to us. I’ve been so happy with Tom’s service!

I trust him; he’s a man of his word and runs his business in a fair and up-front way. He and his wife have also foster-parented six special needs kids over the last 12 years, and three still live with them. He has a lot on his plate, but he’s always quick to respond when we e-mail him in a panic about something. And he’s gone so far beyond what he’s needed to, really being a friend to us.

I just wanted to thank him publicly for all he’s done. You’re da bomb, Tom!

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5 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. OH MY GOSH……I was ready to send out the tracking dogs to hunt you down. Missed ya and glad to see you joined the bookmark project.

  2. Boy, talk about hitting it right as it came up! I just now fixed a configuration thingie in MT so I could post again (it was looking at an old path, no longer valid since the server change, I guess). You must have been clicking on here the moment I rebuilt the files, girl!

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