I’m a Wickin’

No, not wiccan. 😉 Thanks for your concern, you guys. This has been an unbelievable couple of days, but I hope today marks a turning point.

It’s a good thing I went to the doctor today, because my ear is full of infection. Why be delicate? It’s full of puss. Nasty stuff packs my ear right now. So, my gut instinct was right: There’s no way the Cipro eardrops would have gotten down in there. I asked if my ear drum looked okay, and she said she probably wouldn’t be able to see it for a week.

The upshot is, she put in a cotton wick which will draw the drops down deep where they need to go. Surprisingly, that really didn’t hurt very much. Glad that last Darvocet hadn’t worn off! When I told her I felt like such a wimp for having such a low pain tolerance, she said these outer ear infections are one of the most painful things people get. She prescribed a few days’ worth of Vicodin for me, so that should help more than the Darvocet did. I’d love it if it would help me sleep, too.

I see her again Wednesday, and she’ll ascertain whether I still need a wick or if my ear’s clear enough to forego another one.

4 thoughts on “I’m a Wickin’

  1. I’m very surprised that the wick didn’t hurt. I’m glad though. I think I would have been scared to death to have let her even try it. I hope it clears up soon. PLEASE don’t put anything else in your ear!! 🙂

  2. It has been several years since I had an ear infection but I still remember how bad it hurt. It was worse than an abcessed tooth and a root canal job. I am glad you went to the Dr. I waited too long and ended up losing half my hearing in one ear. I hope she did a culture and is putting you on antibiotics to clear up the infection and that you feel better soon.

  3. The only thing I’m putting in my ear is your good advice, Tami. 😉

    Brenda, the eardrops contain the antibiotic Cipro and a cortizone for the swelling. She didn’t do a culture…Just looked in them.

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