If Life Gives You Cicadas, Make Cicada-ade

As warmer temps arrive, many Americans across the eastern half of the country are seeing the emergence of periodic cicadas. We always called them 17-year cicadas, but I’ve learned that different parts of the country witness different development timetables for these critters. Some broods, for instance, don’t take 17 years to complete development, but only 13 years.

I remember being fascinated by cicadas when I was a child; they came out in the Chicago area when I was a little kid, in the early 1970’s (judging from the data at that website, it was 1973). The one thing I distinctly recall learning is that they can still fly, for a little distance, anyway, sans heads. I won’t go into the details of how I figured this out.

The last time I experienced these big insects was 1999, when the brood in far eastern Licking County emerged. Thank God, we only had to deal with them when we had to visit that part of the county! I remember the trek from our car into our friend’s graduation party…The NOISE of those cicadas was deafening and they were like VISA (everywhere you want to be). When they fly into you, it makes a meaty thump – they’re big, and they’re solid.

Franklin County is on brood X’s hit list this year. Cincinnati, in southern Ohio, is already inundated with the creatures, as evidenced by the Cicadaville website.

As if that all isn’t bad enough, people have decided they’re not only abundant, but tasty. Recipes are traded and surplus cicadas are frozen for later dining pleasure.

I’m not sure where we fit into this. I would think that, were we to see them emerge this year, we’d already have them. I have this silly wish that maybe we’ll never get them, but that’s a pipe dream.

4 thoughts on “If Life Gives You Cicadas, Make Cicada-ade

  1. Those are some ugly bugs! But you might want to try some of those recipes since they look like they would be a low fat protien source :~)

  2. You go right ahead and try them, Brenda. I can send you some softshells on dry ice! Plague, yes.

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