I’d rather be steaming

Since it is going to be in the 90’s and very humid for several days running this week, we finally broke down and put the AC on in the house Wednesday morning. I don’t know if it is related, but Wednesday night I developed a migraine and sinus headache and spent a restless night alternating between getting up to ease the sinus pressure and lying down because looking at a computer screen or trying to read just didn’t work with the light sensitivity from the migraine. The cold also made my shoulder and hands really ache. No fun at all!

Flash forward to today. It’s again forecast to be 90° with “brilliant sunshine” (gotta love AccuWeather’s descriptions). Instead of holing up in the climate-controlled house, I am outside. Get this: I’m just too cold in there!

So, I am outside in the heat, kicked back on the patio with my laptop and the wi-fi.  I just watched Sarah stalk something in the shade bed by the patio. She sniffed the leaves of the chelone and snuffled the mulch beneath them, ears perked with interest, and eventually snatched something into her mouth. I never saw what she caught…I just know it crunched. Loudly. Cicada?

The birds are singing and chattering, butterflies are visiting the flowers all around me, the waterfall is burbling into the pond, and there are flashes of gold as the fish swim near the water’s surface…It’s nice. I do little odd tasks like pruning spent blooms off roses or pulling up weeds here or there, then I retreat to the shade of the gazebo to cool off. Believe me, when you’re out in the brilliant sunshine and walk into the shade, it feels pretty darned good just to be in the shade.

Yes, I’m sweating, but God made us sweat for a reason: It cools us down. Anyway, I’m not going anywhere and don’t need to worry about makeup or anything like that, so who cares?

Our attempts at saving electric costs the last few years has resulted in us being pretty comfortable in the heat, as long as we’re in the shade and have a breeze. Fortunately, we have a gazebo on the patio, and we’re blessed with a great breeze the majority of the time. Plus, when the AC isn’t on, it is cooler outside than it is in our house come late afternoon. I just love being outside now. Since the accident, I get very achy if I’m in the cold, so the heat actually feels better to me.

When we do run the AC, we must have the thermostat inside at about 70-72° to keep the house at 78° when the sizzling part of the day hits and the mini-blind clad front windows are nonetheless baking in the sun. Back in 1999, we just went with the recommendation of the heating and cooling guy who put in our AC unit; unfortunately, the unit is not up to the task, especially since we added a vent to the ductwork when we made the walk-out basement into a mother-in-law suite for Howie’s mom.

We really should upgrade to a larger, more energy-efficient model central air unit, but that will wait until we are out of debt. We may decide it’s just not that important. In the meantime, it’s no biggie. As long as it’s in the 80’s during the day and cools off at night, we have the AC off.  We’re fine as long as we can sleep comfortably with the window fan blowing on us.

At this point I’m rambling, I know. Maybe it’s the heat. 😉

2 thoughts on “I’d rather be steaming

  1. Try setting the AC to cycle through half as cold and half as often, and use fans to circulate the cool air the rest of the time. That’s what I have to do because, like you, I get all sinusy and too cold and achy to be of any use to anyone. Not that I am much anyway, but otherwise I’m less so.

    I tend to rely on fans more than anything. I like being surrounded by my fans. It sounds so cool, doesn’t it? (No pun intended, I don’t think)

  2. As I read your post, I swear I was thinking about how I would turn our temperature up as soon as I was finished reading. I am freezing right now! I grew up in a hundred year old house and we only had window fans so I was used to heat. However, Kevin grew up in a modern home with heat and air. He is spoiled and I am afraid I am a little bit spoiled now too!
    Okay, now to turn that thing down a degree or two …

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