I wanna catch the Google Wave

This is what I submitted in my request to beta test Google’s newest creation, Google Wave.

As my search engine, you shone
But you brought it on, never ceased to amaze
When Gmail took the throne
I was with you in the invitation-only days

And now my favorite app creatah
Has hatched another chick to grow
Let me help test drive this beta
And start Waving from Ohio!

Seriously, I migrated our websites’ e-mail to your apps and my husband and I are two early adopters who are LOVING the G1 phone and excited to see Android grow. Let us Wave, will ya? 🙂

This video of keynote presentation regarding Wave is almost 90 minutes long. If you’re into this kind of thing, enjoy!

I tell ya, sometimes I wish I had stayed in computer programming in college, way back in the late 1980’s. I would have a solid foundation and could even be developing for Android at this time. If I were an Android developer, I would certainly have attended the Google I/O Developer Conference. Had I attended the conference, I would now be playing with my free, unlocked, special-edition developer phone, the HTC Magic.


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