I need a hand

My wrist is still ensconced in its wonder brace, but I am still having a good bit of pain. I’m feeling frustrated and bored.

It seems every time I try to do a little something with my hand, I regret it. I’ve found that taking pictures is a near impossibility unless I plan to fiddle with the tripod and use only my left hand. I took a few shots this morning, gingerly pressing the shutter with my right index finger — Ouch, bad idea. I could feel it burn under ny wrist.

Can I gripe just a little more? Typing with one hand is getting really old.. It’s so slow going and editing all my typo’s takes about as long as typing. It makes me not care much about writing or looking around much online. I like to participate in forums, not just lurk or leave a smattering of sentences.

My whole right arm is aching, probably due to how I carry it differently, plus I must move the whole forearm rather than just rotate my wrist. I’ve made a makeshift sling from a triangular bandage in an old first aid kit, but it is rubbing my neck and is only a temporary solution.

I think the pain photography causes me is what bums me out the most right now. Everything is so gorgeous in the spring, and I want to go on photo expeditions!

Insert cathartic scream here.

Sheesh, will you listen to me? I really shouldn’t complain!. I have a great husband and family. Because I am a homemaker, I don’t have to be stressed about not being able to do my job. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and I’ve been at liberty to enjoy it along with good books and the company of warm puppies. AND, a friend from DG is mailing me an extra sling she has. How nice will THAT be? =)

Okay…Think on these things, Kimberley. This, too, shall pass.

4 thoughts on “I need a hand

  1. Well that sux…….I’m sorry Kimberley, hoping and praying that “this to shall pass ((SOOOOON))” ~naomi~

  2. Kim, Try pinning the top of the triangle sling to
    the shoulder of your blouse. That will take the weight of your arm and not chafe at the neck. I have also done this by pinning the cuff of a long sleeved shirt to myself at the most comfortable height when I didn’t have a sling and it worked fine for supporting the arm and wrist and immobilizing me just enough to keep me from using it.

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