I love the girls

Howie and our friend Jeff are watching the OSU-Michigan game today and y’all know what a huge sports fan I am (NOT!). So, I plan to make a visit to our local scrapbooking store. They’re having their winter gala today, highlighting upcoming classes and crops.

My friend Ivana is there today, along with some of the other gals I’ve gotten to know while cropping there. I miss everyone – feels like years since I’ve been cropping with them. So, I’m going to drop by and envelop myself in the friendship of good women. I can’t sit and do any handwork or scrapping with my neck like it is, but I can visit a while and enjoy their company. I can’t wait until I can start working on my albums and cards again – it’s another thing I miss.

4 thoughts on “I love the girls

  1. Yes, it was great to see everyone yesterday! I lasted a little over an hour and had to head home.

  2. As frustrating as it is to delay going back to work it is the best thing for you to do. I have known several people that thought they were ready only to have the first day send them back several steps in the healing process. Take the time now that your system needs!

    It was great to read that you were able to get the Jetta and talk to the original owners for the straight scoop on it.

    By the way, I often find myself eating crow….it tastes nothing at all ike chicken but if you drown it in catsup it is possible to get it down…

  3. Hows’ your neck now? Trust it’s progressing well towards a normal state. LQQking at the books in the bQQk store must have been funny!?

    Preferring the bookstore to sports – I can understand!


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