I Love Hand-Me-Down’s

What an unexpected and appreciated Christmas present! Our best friends gave us a hand-me-down Pentium 350 a year or two ago, and now they’ve upgraded again, so we’ve traded THAT one back for their latest hand-me-down, a Pentium III 866. Whooo! The old 350 will go in their son’s room; their son’s only three, so his games aren’t real processor or graphics intensive..yet, LOL.

Anyway, we swapped out pieces parts and did a fresh install of Windows XP and I’m happily installing all my goodies back on my hard drive. The one bad thing is, our version of Norton Systemworks is 2001 and it won’t run on XP. Therefore, I can’t do a ghost of my hard drive once I have the drivers and network stuff installed. I’ll live. 😉 I am having trouble getting the network to work again since we did the new install. Once I get that figured out and can share files on the network again, I will be the happiest camper in the world. Until then, I can’t get to my backed up data without using our little USB drive to transfer files back and forth.

Just rambling here on Howie’s laptop until some updates are finished on the desktop. God bless us, every one.

Our church, Vineyard of Licking County, had its first official service in the new facility yesterday. Wow, what a cool building it is. I’ll link to pictures soon.

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