I love a Purdy tool

The big thing we’ve learned in this last painting project is this: if you want professional-looking results, you need the right tools.

Don’t expect to be able to cut in around trim and ceilings with a cheap paintbrush. Don’t expect cheap rollers not to fuzz and leave an orange peel finish on your paint. Don’t expect cheap brushes not to shed like a dog and leave bristles on your walls.

Unless you want to be frustrated, get good tools. Yes, you will pay more for them, but you’ll be SO glad you did. Saturday night, we stopped by Lowe’s and bought some painting supplies made by Purdy: an angled 2.5″ 100% nylon brush, an angled 1″ 100% nylon brush, and a 3-pack of “white dove” 3/8″ nap roller covers.

I still need practice, but I think I can do a good job of cutting in with these new brushes. The paint goes on so smoothly with the nicer rollers, too. What a dream, made me happy to use them!

I just wish we’d bought the good tools at the beginning, before I tried this.

That’s why crown moulding is going to be our new best friend. Since we’re painting it, anyway, we might just go for the synthetic if it’s cheaper than pine. It will really give the room a finished look.

5 thoughts on “I love a Purdy tool

  1. …lerned from experience too that good tools are a must for good results, especially the cutting in brush.

    …btw how many coats did your need with the cranberry. Our kitchen needed four coates and that was over the previous lightish terracotta color.

    …found out after the paint job was done that with certain colors, red being one of them you need to put a dark primer on first.

    …I always find these things out after the fact.

  2. We bought a tinted primer and there’s 3 coats of it up on the walls now. I finished about 11pm last night, and it’s still kind of tacky. I don’t know when it will be dry enough for me to paint. The paint is virtually the same color as the deep red primer, so we should be good to go. It’d be nice if it only takes 2 coats of regular paint. We’d have a bit over a gallon left over!

  3. We began using crown molding to save us the time from cutting in. It looks good and it helped with time.

  4. Hey, you! 🙂

    It was reasonable at our Lowe’s for the #356 pre-primed MDF crown moulding:

    7′ – $4.83
    10′ – $6.06
    12′ – $10.32

    I think if I am strategic with using little docorative inside corner pieces ($1.18 x 3) and one outside corner piece ($7.83), I can get away with only buying one each of 7, 10 and 12′ pieces. I still need to think it through to see the best way to do it. We’re not putting it on the soffit, so that saves us about 15′ of moulding.

  5. The right tool for the job? Ya mean I was supposed to use a paint brush on the trim instead of the one that came with my makeup kit?

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