I had my CT-scan, along

I had my CT-scan, along with the standard pre-surgery tests, Tuesday. After rushing around madly to get there on time for my 9:30am appointment, I got there only to learn they were running “about a half hour behind”. Okay, I thought, that’s not too bad as far as doctor’s office delays go. A lady brought out a quart of barium and told me to drink it at 10:00am. I asked if it would be okay for me to run over to the other area labs and get my other tests out of the way while I waited for the test, and she said that would be fine. She asked I be back by 11:00am.

Shaking the quart of milky white barium in its plastic bottle, I went out to the car and headed over to another local lab. Ignoring the straw, I just took the lid off the jar and chugged the stuff down. It wasn’t as bad as I’d expected; it’s changed since the last time I drank it in the mid-1980’s. Now it’s flavored something akin to strawberry, but not quite strawberry. Still, I didn’t want to sip the stuff leisurely. I ran my errands and left vials of blood and EKG printouts in my wake, and got back to the first lab by 11:00am. Great timing, thought I.

I waited. And waited. Finally, at 12:15pm, they took me back and gave me the chest X-ray, getting that out of the way. Then I was sent back out to the waiting room to wait some more. They did have this going for them: The offices and waiting rooms are beautiful and have very comfortable furniture in them. And I had my Dean Koontz book to read. Without it, I would have been stuck reading really old issues of magazines.

Speaking of magazines, when I was waiting at the other lab the other lab, a 60-ish fellow walked into the waiting room. He glanced down at the table of magazines and commented, “They must only see women here.” I looked over and laughed when I saw the rows of neatly arranged Women’s Day magazines covering the table. That’s all there were. I picked one up and said, “Oh, c’mon, here’s one with an article about grilling That’s a guy thing, right?” He and I then discussed Martha Stewart. There’s advantages to being a person who loves to talk to strangers – it sure passes the time!

Back to the CT-scan. After my chest X-ray, barium lady came back with another quart of the good stuff and asked me to drink half of it. Awwww, only half? I complied, wishing it were a nice, icy-cold Coke. No luck. I learned I not only got to enjoy the chalky goodness of barium, but also get an injection of dye! This I was not expecting and I had done well not to faint when my bloodwork was done an hour earlier.

*SIGH* To her credit, the lady doing the CT-scan, Callen, was so sweet and gentle. She kept asking me how I felt and explained everything so I’d know what to expect. She asked if I’d like a cool cloth for my head, and I told what I couldn’t wait for was a Biggie Coke (no food or water after midnight, remember). She was such a nurturer!

She left the room for a bit, and when she came back in, she said, “I know you said you wanted a Coke, but would a Pepsi be okay? I brought you a present!” She handed me a wonderful can of Pepsi, condensation glistening on its surface. There was also a wide piece of surgical tape around it with a note: “KB, have a better day!” and a smiley face (she had my name spelled out). I loved that woman then and there. 🙂 When I left, I gave her a big hug, and she said she loved it when patients were huggers. It just made my day – what a sweetheart. I walked out of there at 1:10pm, hours later than I’d expected, but that gal had me smiling.


All this to say, you just never know how some small kindness will affect those around you. Dear Reader, have a better day.

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