I found out from my

I found out from my second doctor’s appointment that the discrepancy in my ultrasound versus the CT-scan is almost surely due to adhesions (scar tissue) that have formed at the site of a 1992 surgery. An ultrasound does not show them, but a CT-scan does. It’s nice to know my pain is validated — this has been going on for more than two years and getting worse, and it hasn’t just been my imagination or low pain tolerance.

Anyway, I go back to see the surgeon on July 25, and by then this OB/GYN will have spoken with him and discussed what the best course of action will be for me. I wonder now if the surgeon will be able to do the surgery as outpatient. The hernia is up high, just above my belly button, but the adhesions are very low in my abdomen and in my pelvic area. So….I guess I just wait and find that out next Friday. It’s my birthday, incidently, and I just can’t wait to sit in a waiting room on my birthday, LOL. 😉 But I do feel relieved after seeing the OB/GYN this week and hearing what she said.

I have to say, I have the best husband in the world, too. He went with me to the OB/GYN’s office, not only to the waiting room, but to the exam room as well. I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect to hear, so he was willing to brave the estrogen-laden environs and be my ever-lovin’ support. His only complaint was the glaringly obvious lack of mens magazines. He forgot to bring his computer geek magazines with him, so he instead perused the titles on the tables in the waiting room.

There were oodles of ladies’ magazines strewn about on the tables: Child, Parent, Town & Country, Working Mother, Fit Pregnancy…But not an Outdoor Life or Car & Driver to be found! Not even a People Magazine, that staple of doctor office waiting rooms everywhere! What is UP with that? Surely a few men darken their doorstep every week, and why shouldn’t they have something to occupy their minds while conversations around them drift toward things like When was your last period? How long did you bleed? How heavy was the flow? and other frank discussions of feminine hygiene and parts.

My man really did make a sacrafice. 😉

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