I feel rich today

Compared to my recent shopping trip to Kroger, I feel rich today. I went to my beloved Aldi Foods and stocked up on all manner of foodstuffs, all of it healthy and within proper dieting parameters. What a shocker!

They had individually frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.68/lb. Oh, and the produce was marvelous today! I bought beautiful green peppers for just 25-cents each, and canteloup for 77-cents each.

Ahhhh….And those lovely and tender Green Giant baby carrots were a mere 99-cents a bag. Skim milk to quench my thirst was only $1.89/gallon. And the canned goods! Don’t even get me started on the canned veggies! Plus I bought tortillas! Beans! Bagged salad!

Best yet, I spent only $55. Happy dance, happy dance

But you don’t want to hear my grocery list. At least that’s my assumption, and it’s probably right. I just don’t have a whole heck of a lot other to report here. I just always feel so RICH when I look in my fridge and cabinets and see them full of good, healthy foods.

We tend to run out of stuff, and then put off grocery shopping. Then it’s easy to end up ordering out or getting pizza. This is kinda counter-productive to a diet, you know?

I made stuffed peppers tonight with some peppers I’d frozen whole a few weeks ago when I realized they were going to go bad before we got to them. Said peppers were kind of soft when thawed, but I was able to cut the tops off them just fine. I didn’t have to par-boil them, either. They turned out quite yummy.

I am rich, and I cooked. Oh, the rapture! Even did the dishes!

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