I Dream of Jeanie with the Pumpkin Head

Her eyes are a vivid light blue, heavy-lidded and adorned with dusky purple eyeshadow. Her eyelashes are thick and black. Hidden behind a veil sparkling with beads, her lips part in a secretive smile. Her complexion, smooth and bright, glows a healthy orange.

I Dream of JeanieThis was my entry in the pumpkin scrapping contest at the Halloween crop I went to Saturday night. She won! The prize was a Heidi Swapp kit of fall frames and embellishments. Great fun!

We were there 3pm Saturday to 3am today…Yeah, I’m still up. And, yeah, we’re nuts. It’s always such a fun time with the girls there. We are so fortunate to have a place to meet and craft together. I like seeing the pages of my friends, hearing the stories behind the pictures, seeing the beautiful tributes to the people who mean the most to them.

The owners and employees at Scrappers Gallery make us feel so welcome, and they make it fun to get together and visit. The hours just fly by!

Later today, Howie and I are getting together with our friends for our annual Pumpkin Day. We go to Pigeon Roost Farm and take lots of pictures, enjoy some hot apple cider and kettle corn, and head back to their place for dinner. We’ve been going to the farm with our friends since before they even had kids, and their oldest is turning 8 in November. Time doesn’t just fly when I’m scrapbooking…It’s flying all the time.

5 thoughts on “I Dream of Jeanie with the Pumpkin Head

  1. This sounds like great fun! Don’t you wish some of these scrappers were also bloggers? You know if they did it, they would be interesting!

  2. Your glamorous pumpkin needs a Boy pumpkin to date on Halloween. She is much to lovely to go out alone on such an important holiday.

    Your Scrappers get togethers sound like a whole bunch of fun. So did you get any scrapbooking done?

  3. Yes, I did get some done! Ummm…three pages, total. I did come up with some simpler pages, and am striving to do more simple work so I can get more pages done.

    There are quite a few scrapper/bloggers. I enjoy reading the Fiskateers’ blog at the Fiskars website.

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