Huff and Puff

This business’ sign caught my eye and sparked a whole story in my head today.

Area realtor nabbed for housing discrimination scam after now-infamous “Three Little Pigs” scheme. Authorities report Huff targeted lower and middle-income pigs who could not afford brick homes.

“Yeah, it’s true.” grunted one distraught porker, “The guy would just walk up and blow our houses down. It was unreal. And no one did a thing to stop him!”

After donning a realistic wolf costume which not only concealed his identity, but preyed upon the pigs’ fears, Huff systematically destroyed their homes by blowing them down. Those made of straw were especially vulnerable, though wooden structures were also hit. When porcine homeowners found themselves shellshocked and homeless, Huff would appear as a night in shining armor, offering the pigs attractive sub-prime loans along with a referral to a local builder specializing in wind-resistant brick structures.

It was this latter detail that caught the eye of insurance investigators. The masonry business was a longstanding pig-owned business, one authorities were shocked to find had a business tie with Huff’s realty office.

As one victim lamented, “we never suspected them, never. Why would they turn on their own kind? I mean, this little piggie went to market with mine. Or, sometimes he’d stay home…At least that’s where he said he was. I never figured he’d been making deals at Huff’s office.” His voice trailed off and his eyes glinted hardly.

The Pork Park Manor development corporation declined comment. More on this story to follow.

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