How to open a safe

I received another great This is True newsletter today, and in it there’s a story about some inept thieves who weren’t quite sure how to open the safe in the business they were robbing…


Security cameras at Bigg City, a family amusement business in Colorado Springs, Colo., show the two burglars as they enter the facility with a key. They even apparently had the combinations to the safes inside, but even with those they couldn’t get the three safes open. The security footage goes on for an hour and 15 minutes until one of the burglars got an idea: he stepped to a running computer and searched Google for “how to open a safe” to get help. With detailed instructions from an online site (spin the dial a couple of times first!), they got the safes open and escaped with about $12,000 in cash, a laptop computer, and a PlayStation video game console.

“They’re not professional safe people,” said Colorado Springs police detective Chuck Ackerman. “No, they’re not.” (Colorado Springs Gazette) …With reasoning ability like that, you can see why he was promoted to detective.

I love stories like this, and Randy Cassingham’s asides are icing on the cake. You’ve gotta love it. Yes, when authorities checked the computer, they saw the thieves had searched for “how to open a safe” and “how to crack a safe”.

By the way, one thing Randy didn’t mention is that these thieves tried to disable the security camera by spraying the lens with WD-40. All that did is clean the lens for a nice, clear video!

And, yes, I submitted that as a usage tip on WD-40’s website, along with a link to the news article.

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  1. Thanks to your reminder a few months ago, I once again love reading my This Is True. I had forgotten how dumb people really are. You can’t beat the WD-40 usage!!!

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