How can you leave food on your plate…

How can you leave food on your plate like that when there are kitties starving in central Ohio?

That’s the thought which came to mind when I witnessed the eagerness my cats displayed as I sat on the commode the other morning. It’s this ritual we have…You cat lovers will understand completely.

I get up and head for the bathroom for my morning pee. The cats align themselves in their usual positions. Higgins hops up onto the bathroom counter and sits on my upholstered jewelry box. Elliott pads into the room with his stilted, old-man gait and looks up at me expectantly. Sometimes he utters one of his sassy Siamese mrrrrrreooow’s, just to further plead his case. Hattie usually hangs out in the hallway, just waiting.

As soon as I stand and flush, the cats leave the bathroom in what almost appears a choreographed dance. They look back over their shoulders as they dash, sending me clear messages like “what’s taking you so long?” and “Chop chop, now – get a move on, here!”.

You would assume they’d been forced to fast for a week, not just since the night before.

I feed these bottomless pits just after I rise in the morning and right before I go to bed at night. Second to mornings, late nights is when they’re at their most conspicuous.

Hattie and Higgins are friendly, social cats (except with each other). Elliott pretty much just eats, sleeps and uses the litterbox, occasionally joining us in bed or on the couch for scritches.

Come the wee hours of the morning, though, Higgins and Hattie exhibit a whole new level of in-your-facedness. They take turns walking on my desk in between me and the monitor. Higgins sprawls out on the desk, purring, or begins pawing at various items or chewing on plastic stuff (he likes plastic, especially bags).

One shift of position in my chair, any move which suggests I’m going to get up, spurs them to action. They dash to the office door and wait. Any time I’m anywhere in the house around feeding time, those two will preceed me and cast anxious looks my way.

As if I could forget what it is they want!

Funny thing is, Higgins is always the last to eat, yet he’s the sleekest and plumpest of our three cats. He loiters in the cozy basket atop the bench by the kitchen window, or stands on the counter looking down at Hattie and Elliott as they chow down.

Higgins spends a lot of time in the basket by the window (and the food bowls). Yesterday it occurred to me how much he’s like some kid who camps out all night at the TicketMaster venue, hoping to get the best seats for a concert. Poor Higgins camps out, but he’s always last in line, anyway.

In other news, I found soggy peanut shell shards and half an empty peanut shell (equally soggy) on our adirondack chair out back today. It made me smile. Evidently one of our local squirrels dug up a fall treat and had himself a nice lunch in the sunshine today.

2 thoughts on “How can you leave food on your plate…

  1. Hi Kimberly! I am so glad that I am not the only one who does not have any bathroom privacy. If I DARE to close the door, my three kitties whine and scratch and one sees paws poking under the door. Same thing when I’m on the computer. While trying to see the computer screen, there is a continual stream of cat bodies parading up-and-down and, if I even LOOK like I’m going to move from the chair, all three jump to the floor and race to the kitchen. Since all of our cats seem to act the same, they must be communicating with each other (check your keyboard for paw-prints).

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