Howie and I enjoyed the evening at Dawes Arboretum yesterday, then went for a drive on the back roads. While we were out, we saw the new kid on the block.

He’s a Standardbred colt, born the day I took these shots (Sunday, April 9). His owner will keep him at this farm for his first two years, where he’ll be handled and do some major growing. Then, if he shows aptitude, he’ll race.

I sure wish this little guy and the mares lived on my block. He’s not too far away, though, just out near Dawes. Seeing me taking pictures from the roadside, the farm owner drove a golf cart out and visited with me a while. She told me about the mares in the field and how this momma will be less possessive of the foal as each day passes. Best, she said we’re welcome to come and take pictures anytime we see them out there. There are two more broodmares ready to foal within this next month, so there will be some fun photo opportunities.

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