Homeless Critters

I added a goodie to the right sidebar last night. It’s a link to Petfinder.com, which offers access to a huge network of animal shelters across the country. Our Emma is a pound puppy, and we have big hearts when it comes to homeless critters.

I know some folks really desire a purebred with all the papers, but I just don’t know if I could spend hundreds on such a dog when I know there are sooo many great critters living on borrowed time at the shelter. Emma’s littermates were put down the day we got to take her home, and if they had temperments anything like hers, they would have made fantastic pets.

I urge you, check out your local dog pound and animal shelter if you’re considering a pet; they even have purebreds if that’s your thing. I like mutts, myself. I can guar-ON-tee there’s no other doggie like our Emma on the planet!

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