Home stretch on the home front

We settled up with the roofing company today. The VP of residential roofing came out and fixed the few remaining things the crew had missed still. We got a $166 credit for our troubles/long wait. The work is guaranteed for 10 years…Let’s hope we never need to deal with them on warranty issues.

The VP told us one of the crew members committed suicide two weekends ago. That threw everyone for a loop, for though the guy was having marital difficulties, he seemed upbeat and fine. It puts a lot into perspective, that.

Good news: Our Rosati replacement windows go in on Monday! They could have done them tomorrow, but it would be too much craziness with John working in the kitchen, too. He hasn’t called to say he has to work, so it looks like he’s good to go for tomorrow. Oh, Lord, please…

I’ve got the last bit of door and baseboard trim to prime and paint, still. Howie prepped them for me today before he went to work. I just have to run by Lowe’s and pick up the countertop and one more piece of boot moulding for the baseboard. 🙂

So, “God willing and the creek don’t rise”, we should be done with this stuff by mid-week. I can’t wait to have the house back to normal…Better than normal, actually. And well before Thanksgiving, too.

Oh, and there’s more good news: We have an appointment to meet Sophia on Saturday, too!. They plan to be here at 1:00pm, and we’ll have to ask John to turn his air compressor off for the time she’s here; the poor engine-shy doglet doesn’t need that scary thing to be her introduction to our household.

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